Looking Health Insurance in the Mirror

Taking a look at how Health Insurance affects you

Medicare Supplemental Insurance, The Key To Affording Expensive Medical Care

Most people over 65 years of age qualify for Medicare health insurance plans. This is how they can get access to costly surgery or other medical procedures that may be needed as we age.

Medicare is good, but it covers medical expenses only partially, with about 20% being left for the patient to pay for.  Having 80% reimbursed is a great thing, but what to do in case of truly expensive procedures, when the remaining 20% translate into a pretty big amount of money? There is a simple answer, but not everybody may be aware of it. This answer is called Medigap, the supplemental insurance any Medicare member can opt for. It is a good idea to investigate this possibility and choose security for your elderly years.

If you need more details about Medicare supplemental insurance plans, you can contact any insurance agent or there are great resources on the web like www.nymedigap.com. Most important companies offer this kind of plans, therefore you won’t have problems in finding out everything you want to know.

Medigap policies are meant to cover what Medicare doesn’t, so that the patient gets 100% coverage for all medical treatments. The price of Medigap is not as high as you may be thinking, because it is only a supplemental health insurance plan. Since you already pay for the main plan, having this add-on will ensure you get treated even if you can’t afford it. This is worth a thought or two in your good years, because you are not getting any younger and there may be a time when you won’t be able to work anymore. You know how they say: expect the best but prepare for the worst. This saying bears a lot of truth. Get good health insurance now, when additional premiums are not a financial burden, because when the time comes for expensive medical care, you’ll be happy you did this.

Finding Health Insurance Online

When I was a teenager I had this ideal image of myself being the Carrie Bradshaw of London.  I was going to live in a beautiful apartment in the middle of Camden, have thousands of friends, a gorgeous boyfriend and live the high life.  I would attend parties, go sky diving, four-wheel driving, etc. – while looking fabulous of course.  As a teenager I watched too much television because reality is very different.  When I left university for London, it was very different.
Instead of living in a Camden apartment, I am living with friends in Hackney.  Instead of a life as a fashion designer and lifestyle blogger, I am working as a freelance content writer.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life and indulge in extreme sports; but there are so many expenses that my Carrie Bradshaw life hadn’t accounted for, like insurance.
As an extreme sports junkie I really could use some health insurance.  My girlfriend continues to bug me about this because she worries that I’m going to hurt myself and not have any funds to cover medical costs.  I didn’t care, until my best friend was thrown from his motorbike.  He was seriously injured and needed surgery, that was when I took health insurance into consideration.
I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to financial matters and wasn’t sure who to contact, so I asked my best friend who he spoke to about his insurance.  He gave me advice and told me to look online.  He told me there are different websites available that provide quotes that are affordable based on your needs and lifestyle.
As I said, I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to finances; but I am glad I took the initiative to finding health insurance online.  It was simple, quick and easy (even for a dunce like me).  I found a policy that suits my lifestyle and my budget, so I am now able to enjoy my life without too much worry about potentially hurting myself.